Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Emo Hair Style 2012

Common hair styles
The emo haircut, not all but alot of emo's have black hair, probaly because it matches most of their clothes. The emo guy hair style thats is most common, wearing your hair not too long but past the ears and have it pulled over an eye. I know there are alot more ways for guys to wear thier hair but i think that is the most popular choice of hair style at the time.
Girls, girls, girls.... we all know that there are so many ways that we can do our hair and its great sometime but not always. One popular choice is to wear your hair down and over one eye. If you have short hair I see alot of girls wear it with clips pulling it back in all cute styles. Another hott look is to be two toned with one color on top and another on the bottom, and just wearing it down. There are too many ways that everyone wear thier hair to go over but these are some of the common choices.
The emo clothing, alot of emo kids wear black, but don't mistake it as goth or skater cause its not even close. Alot of the shirts that emo kids wear have band names on them or some kind emo saying and yes they are tight. My favortie shirts are the ones with just a lil logo on them like a guitar or maybe cute teddy bear. The best thing to wear are pants best make sure they hug you close, closer the better and i dont think anyone is going to say diffrent. Jackets and hoodies, there are so many kinds of jackets that the emo guys can wear like a sute jacket, i dont think a emo chick has pulled that off yet but if you see a hott emo girl wearing a sute jacket and it dosent look bad let me know. Everyone wears pull over hoodies or jacket hoodies, if it dosent have the hood how are you supose to cover your face a little right? I see all kinds of hoodies and jackets tight and loose and lots of colors, some with band names and some without. (480×640)

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